A non-denominational church accepting all spiritual and religious beliefs to connect and harmonize with the common indigenous earth based beliefs. We are open for everybody, we don't exclude any religions. We accept all and our beliefs enhance all religions. The intention and methodology are to bring harmony and coexistence to the human condition. To live in harmony, with the earth and all of the earth's inhabitants.


We believe that all people are related. We are all children of God, the great creator, the great spirit, source and all the other names of the same one god. Regardless of race, creed, color, physical sexual identity or orientation, we are all related to each other as humans. We are all related to the animals, the two legged, four legged, winged, and all creation. We are all related to the earth, water, sky, and all there is.


Blossom dell sanctuary has a diversified family where people of all backgrounds gather together in a melting pot style of sharing of beliefs, ideas, lands, aspirations, and even dreams. We believe in welcoming all earth religions, traditional religions of indigenous peoples, variations on indigenous religions, eclectic Native American inspired medicine societies and variations of widespread religions, ie; Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Sufi, Hindu, Taoist, Shinto, Unitarian, universalism, etc that honor nature, the earth and our place in it. Blossom dell sanctuary is very much like a united states military chapel, in that we administer through all faiths and beliefs.


Blossom Dell Sanctuary provides a membership base welcoming all new seekers of a universal spirituality that does not present conflict with pre-existing religious beliefs. This open, promoted and encouraged social and spiritual harmony is propagated to be part of members' everyday life. All choices are always the members own. We believe true spirituality is tailored to the individual. Once truth may not be that same for all. Individual life experiences may affect everyone's beliefs.


We do not impose any belief on anyone. We harbor no expectations of any one's beliefs, spirituality or customs that do not infringe on the rights of others. For all those who feel they have lost their belief in spirituality, doubt or even disbelieve in spirituality, we offer very tangible spiritual experiences through ceremonies rituals and prayers.




To be a community accepting of all beliefs in harmony with creation, sustaining indigenous spiritual expression throughout the ages. To teach and promote spiritual practices, awareness and practical knowledge of beneficial land, water, and air stewardship. Procure harmonious coexistence with all beings and nature through a spiritually and earthy self-sustaining community. Our vision is to sustain, protect, administer, facilitate, spread, educate, exercise and express to and for all peoples of all beliefs, various ways of spiritual expression and ways of living in harmony with the earth, each other, and god.


Blossom Dell Sanctuary provides a diversified sharing of spiritual beliefs to promote spiritual and social harmony, with providing authentic traditional indigenous methodologies and prayers.


We promote and encourage a melting pot style blending of all beliefs to create an awareness and lifestyle of harmonious coexistence. We preserve indigenous, research, prayers, knowledge, and rituals, due to it being endangered across spiritual practices.


Blossom Dell Sanctuary is organized for the expression of indigenous spirituality and to provide diversified religious, spiritual and educational services for all peoples of all beliefs willing to live in harmony with the earth and all inhabitants in a sacred manner.